Google Revamps Adwords for Professionals

Google just announced a major overhaul to the program formerly known as Google Advertising Professionals (GAP). Over the next six months it will be phased out.

It’s being replaced by a slightly-less catchy acronymed program, the Google Adwords Certification Program (GACP). Overall the new program looks good. Features include:

  • More advanced testing for Adwords and Analytics
  • A new way for clients to find PPC managers, Google Partner Search
  • Bells and whistles for agency partners, including more options to manage multiple clients
  • New improved shinier badges

I just completed the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam ($50). Pretty basic stuff. Next up are the Search Advertising Advanced Exam (another $50) and the Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam ($150 total).

To get certified you need to complete the fundamentals + advanced courses. Shiny badges… I can’t wait. Seriously though, I bet having a “Google certified” badge does increase conversions by at least 2x. Never done the testing.

NOTE – This is not our certification logo, just used as an example.

More at the new GACP site and SEL.

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